Professional technical equipment

Compliant with ISO 9001 standard requirements

Florimpex Tim's activity is carried out in full accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, certification obtained since 2012 by TÜV Austria.

Florimpex Tim's excellent reputation in business management as well as the proper attitude in customer service and cooperation with suppliers and business partners have led to obtaining the Certificate of Trustworthy Company.

Professional technical equipment

Foil extrusion

1. LDPE extruder Ø 300mm

  • Executes tubular foil, film cut on one side or cling film
  • Sizes from 450mm to 1200mm and thickness between 20my and 150my

2. LDPE extruder Ø 200mm

  • Executes tubular foil, film cut on one side or cling film
  • Sizes from 450mm to 1200mm and thickness between 20my and 150my

3. HDPE extruder Ø 55mm

  • Runs film width 150mm to 500mm and thickness from 6my to 20my

4. HDPE extruder Ø 60mm

  • Performs LDPE tubular foil, cut on one side or cling film
  • Sizes from 200mm - 1100mm at thicknesses from 7my to 120my
Professional technical equipment

Sealing machines

1. Automatic sealing machine for polyethylene products with side sealing with or without knife

  • Sizes from 80mm to 700mm
  • Length 100mm to 600mm
  • Thickness 20my to 90my

2. Semi-automatic sealer makes polyethylene products by gluing and cutting piece by piece with bottom welding

  • Dimensions maximum width 800mm
  • Maximum length 1800mm
  • Thickness between 20my and 120my

3. Automatic sealing and rolling machine for household bags

  • Dimensions: maximum width 500mm
  • Maximum length 1400mm
  • Products can be folded before or after gluing

4. Manual sealing machine

  • Executes products in unique sizes and atypical shapes

5. Automatic sealing machine BLS 85

  • Produces sacks, bags with bottom sealing
  • Executes bags with 4-lane length sealing

6. Flow printer - one colour, maximum width 600mm

Professional technical equipment

Our own products

  1. HDPE household bags: 10l, 20l, 30l, 35l, 60l, 90l, 120l.
  2. LDPE household bags: 35l, 60l, 90l, 120l, 240l, 360l
  3. Food industry bags
  4. Perforated bags
  5. Tubular foil roll
  6. Cling film
  7. Bubble film bags
Professional technical equipment


1. Manual and automatic stretch film
2. Polypropylene pallet tape
3. Binding clamps
4. Adhesive tapes
5. Bubble wrap
6. Expanded film
7. Packaging devices
8. Professional paper rolls for the food industry

Professional technical equipment

Marking services

Florimpex Tim offers road marking services with professional single or two-component paints applicable on any concrete, asphalt or epoxy surface, respecting the requirements of the beneficiaries and the standards in force (SR 1848-7/2015).
The works carried out are for underground and above ground car parks, company courtyards, logistics spaces, production halls and warehouses.
Various pictograms are applied on request, spaces are numbered and/or inscribed and various signposts are installed.
We offer advice and specific solutions.